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From skills days to training camps, we offer it all. 

Not so hot on navigation? Apprehensive of technical terrain? Wanting to improve your down/uphill running? Part of a team looking for a training weekend?

You will leave our session with a renewed sense of confidence.

Prices start at £90 for a half day (4 hours) and £160 for a full day (8 hours). prices will be adjusted for additional time and participants.

Skills workshop

We are experts in mountain navigation, technical running and mountain/trail running skills. We offer skills workshop days to work on areas you feel least confident. These include navigation workshops, running on technical terrain, up and downhill running, mountain marathon prep days, recce days, race preparation and ML practice.


Face to face coaching workshop

Enjoy a day of face-to-face coaching with UESCA qualified ultra/trail running coach. Your coach will assess your running technique, talk about past and present training patterns and provide a sample training plan. During the day we will work on any areas of weakness, talk about training going forward and have a good run out on the Lake District fells.


Training Camps

Are you a team looking for a training camp? Look no further. Experience a fully bespoke training camp provided by experienced and qualified coaches, fell runners and mountain guides. Great for teams, groups of friends, armed forces and everything in between. Put yourself through our camp to see how far you can truly push yourself.

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