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Exclusive Services

We believe in ordinary people doing extraordinary things. All of our packages are designed and tailored to get the most out of each individual athlete in order for them to reach their full potential. What we aim to focus on is a personal approach to coaching where the daily wellbeing of the athlete is at the forefront and training is tailored to each individuals needs, goals and limitations. A range of packages are available depending on your time commitments and goals, from fixed training plans to carry out at your own discretion through to a classic monthly coaching package. Your coach will provide constant support, as well as a strength and mobility program and frequent catch up calls.

Training should be fun. A happy runner is a strong runner. 

Fixed 10 / 16 / 24 Week Training Plan

- Initial consultation

- Goal setting session

- Bespoke training plan designed specifically for you

- Strength and mobility plan

- Flexible with no commitment

£40 / £50 / £90


Bespoke Monthly Coaching Package

- Initial consultation

- Frequent goal setting and assessment sessions

- Bespoke plan updated on a continuous basis

- Unlimited contact with your coach

- Flexible and personal training plans

- Strength and mobility plan provided

- Race advice and prep

- 2 guided runs/recce days/skills sessions per year

£70 per month


In person coaching

- Half / full day guided running

- Race recces

- Mountain skills

- Navigation skills

- 1:1 or group guided running

£90 / £160

Get in Touch

If you are interested in any of the packages above please get in touch through the contact form. All enquiries will be responded to within 24 hours.

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